About Storyteller Communications LLC
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Doug is easy to work with. He stayed on time and within budget and frankly gave more than his assignment called for and never charged a cent for the extra time he spent. He has a team that he works with that are also the BEST!!
Bill Rex - Chairman, Wings of Heroes Gala
Doug Tolmie - Founder and President
For 25 years, Doug served as a producer-writer and production executive at KOMO-TV (Seattle, WA ABC affiliate) earning more than 25 major regional and national awards for broadcast excellence including 10 Emmys. Known as one of the premier broadcast storytellers and event producers in the Pacific Northwest, Doug produced and wrote numerous documentaries and special reports including the multi award-winning "Dogtags" series on combat veterans. He produced more than 500 "Town Meeting" forums including two regional broadcasts with President Clinton as well as more than 50 live events including fireworks shows, telethons and news specials. He also produced numerous marketing videos and fundraising events for organizations and foundations including the prestigious "Wings of Heroes Gala" for Seattle*s Museum of Flight (2004-present), the "Visions of Valor" Gala for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation (2007) and the 100th birthday celebration for Seattle Children's Hospital (2008). Additionally, Doug teaches a variety of communication and leadership classes at Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, WA. Doug graduated Phi Beta Kappa/magna cum laude from the University of Washington after serving four years in the military as a Russian linguist flying on board covert surveillance missions throughout the Far East.

Dan Ibabao - Co-Producer/Editor
As a child, Dan Ibabao dreamed of working in television. You know what they say, "be careful what you wish for." Dan is enjoying his third decade in the craft. His accomplishments and breadth of experience include more than 20 years in broadcast television as an accomplished videotape editor and a field audio technician. Dan is also a former member of the Board of Governors for the National Television Academy for the Northwest region. He's won close to 40 major national and regional awards for broadcast excellence including nearly 25 Emmys and broadcasting's highest award, the Peabody. What brings Dan his greatest joy? Sharing the art of visual storytelling with his audience.

Aleksi Ojapelto - International Sales Manager
An experienced international MBA graduate who has done a variety of projects in highly multicultural settings and excels at using effective communication tools in global business settings. Aleksi got interested in the communications side of business management after taking one of Doug's classes. He delivered a presentation "Managing Employee Resistance in an Organizational Change" at the 2014 Festival of Scholars in Los Angeles. He works for Storyteller Communications LLC as an International Sales Manager, and co-facilitator of workshops and seminars.