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The video you did for the 2010 WASPC (Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs) spring conference was well received. I wish you had been in attendance to see the reaction once it was viewed - a standing ovation.
Gayle Frink-Schulz, Behind the Badge Foundation
For video projects, we provide one of the most experienced and honored production teams in the region. When it comes to crafting stories that inform, influence and inspire, we have few equals. We treat each video project as though it is one of the most important investments a client will make. Once we determine why the client wants to produce a video, what it wants to accomplish, and who will see it, we agree on a budget and a timeline. Then we employ our storytelling skills and deliver a product that never fails to exceed expectations. One other important thing to know - we're nice people. We're easy to work with. We listen well. We're passionate about the craft of storytelling and we're on a never-ending journey to improve our craft. We tend to form great relationships with most of the people we encounter and some of those relationships last a lifetime.

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