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Important meetings and events where budgets and careers are on the line need great planning, teamwork, and execution. They require creativity, flexibility, speed, a variety of skills, and attention to detail. They demand experience and accountability. Storyteller Communications LLC founder and President Doug Tolmie is one of the most experienced event producers in the Northwest. As the producer of more than 50 live broadcast events and dozens of non-broadcast corporate and fund-raising events, Doug combines passionate creativity with attention to detail. As a former broadcast executive, he uses his communication and relationship skills to build effective teams for events of all sizes. And as the recipient of 10 Emmys for video production and three Silver Tellys for event production, he uses his storytelling skills to produce events that entertain, inform and inspire to achieve the desired results.

Recent events:

Wings of Heroes Gala for Seattle's Museum of Flight. We've produced all of the major fundraising Galas for the Museum since 2004. Past Galas paid tribute to the opening of the museum's Personal Courage Wing, the 35th anniversary of Apollo 13, the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the 75th anniversary of the B-17. The most recent Gala in September 2012 saluted the first 50 years of human space exploration and featured astronauts and NASA flight directors from all of the major programs (X-15, Project Mercury, Project Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and the Space Shuttle). An unforgettable highlight of the event was a tribute paid to recently deceased Neil Armstrong by his two sons Rick and Mark.

100th Anniversary Gala for Seattle's Children's Hospital. Thanks to a long association with Seattle's Children's as the producer for all of the hospital's broadcast specials for a dozen years, Doug Tolmie was asked to produce the hospital's 100th anniversary celebration in January 2008. The Gala broadcast on Seattle PBS affiliate KCTS-TV was held at Seattle's historic Paramount Theater and featured inspiring video stories and musical performances.

The Visions of Valor Gala produced for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation gathered together nearly 30 recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor and saluted them in an inspiring gathering at Seattle's Museum of Flight in April 2007.