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The Life and Legacy of William E. Boeing, Jr.
Phil Smart, Sr. Legacy Video Projects
Dr. George Mueller 90th Birthday Tribute
Our memories, experiences and stories are family heirlooms that are important to capture and share with future generations. These stories--whether dealing with adversity, celebrating an accomplishment or milestone, reflecting on a humorous incident, sharing family history, or talking about lessons learned--are all too often lost when a person passes. For those who want to preserve stories and memories for family and friends, we produce digital film projects to share with current and future generations. We combine on-camera interviews with photos, video, music and graphics to produce informative and inspiring heirloom biographies which are far more engaging and entertaining than oral histories.

Recent legacy film projects:

William E. Boeing, Jr., the son of the founder of the Boeing Company, is a witness to aviation history. In celebration of his 90th birthday, Mr. Boeing shared stories about his family, the early days of the Boeing Company, and reflections on his life and legacy.

Dr. George E. Mueller is the former head of NASA's Manned Spaceflight Program from 1963 to 1969. More than any other person, Dr. Mueller is credited with fulfilling President Kennedy's bold goal to land a man on the moon by the end of the 1960's and return him safely to the earth. Dr. Mueller is also known as the Father of Skylab and the Space Shuttle. In celebration of his 90th birthday, Dr. Mueller shared memories and stories of his truly remarkable and historic life.

Phil Smart, Sr. is one of Seattle's most legendary volunteers and philanthropists. We've produced three legacy film projects for Phil: Angels Among Us - Phil's stories of Seattle Children's Hospital patients who changed his life; The God Wink Gathering - a remarkable gathering of veterans from five different wars who are all linked to Phil; The Forgotten Hero Mission - Phil's inspiring mission to get a missing Distinguished Service Cross awarded posthumously to a selfless Army sergeant who lost his life on Omaha Beach while saving others.