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From losing a job…to facing loss and disappointment at work or school or home…to being unsure of ourselves when we leave college or start a new job…we each experience adversity. During these dark times of insecurity when many of us feel depressed and inadequate it is especially important to find our own light and let it shine. When we let our own light shine, we not only give ourselves opportunities to overcome dark times, we also inspire others to do the same. This experiential learning workshop provides specific, easy-to-learn tools to help you discover how to access your own light (gifts, assets, strengths), and how to share that light through effective leadership techniques and through creating personal stories that inform, influence and inspire.

Tools and techniques provided during these workshops include:

  • GAS up. How to assess your core Gifts, Assets and Strengths and how to use them to light your way out of darkness and insecurity.
  • I Am My Word. The methodology of taking powerful stands to overcome adversity and to generate a desired new future.
  • Personal Mission Statement. How to craft a concise, inspirational statement that validates why you are on the planet Earth and how to use this mission statement to guide your life and decisions in a positive way.
  • Building Trust. How to build trust and lead through character, competency and connection.
  • Storytelling Made Easy. How to use the Storytelling Trinity to design and deliver stories that trigger positive emotions and connect effectively.
  • Leading through the Power of Influence. Tips and tools for individuals not in authority to provide leadership through the language of possibilities and through the three most important stories leaders need to know how to tell well (Who I Am, Why I Am Here, Where We Are Going).
  • Getting Unstuck. Conversation tools that work to get struggling individuals and teams back in action quickly.
  • Countering Loss and Disappointment. How to counter negative stories and occurrences that will likely result in upsets, disappointments and dark times if not countered.

For more information, please contact:

Aleksi Ojapelto, International Sales Manager
or Doug Tolmie, President